Monday, September 12, 2011

Nicole Romano Interview

I adore big baubles! As a little girl one of my aunts gave my sister and I her fun jewelry that she no longer wanted. At the age of 6 the little round case I kept them in was my treasure chest. It was filled with bangles and earrings and necklaces that I loved to wear all at once. Yup tons of faux jewels layered to make me feel rich and elegant.
Today I still have a love for these kind of big pieces that just make an outfit fun, and what is fashion if not fun. I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Nicole Romano whose jewelry boutique is at no other than The Plaza Hotel. Nicole adds layers of big bold pieces and the look is Funtastic! click on the video section to view the interview and drop by The Plaza to pick up a bauble or two.

Caged Jewel Knotted Necklace

Glamour Rock Earrings

Clover Earrings

Swan Cuff

Crystal and Chain Earrings

Palafico Neclace

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