September 2010 was very special for me. This is when my first book 7 Days To Style was featured at Barnes & Noble fashion week speakers event. I have attached some pictures of the event and, of course a link to purchase the book. What you need to know is that this is a little book written with intension to be self discover because style comes from knowing not "fashion" but from knowing yourself. No fancy pictures just an honest story that and the start point of your style story. 
Monica Diaz

Barnes & Noble reading
Book debut at Lancome Boutique NYC!!

Barnes & Noble Window for Fashion Week 2010!
FNO 2010 book featured at Lancome Boutique event 
Catherine Malandrino Meatpacking book signing

Catharine Malandrino South Hampton
Catherine Malandrino Soho 2010

In 7 Days To Style personal stylist Monica Diaz guides you through the process of defining your authentic style. Each day holds a new fun discovery. You will learn how to better express and define your style by assessing who you are and how others see you. Clean your closet and organize your wardrobe in a couple of easy steps. Define your shape and learn the colors and clothing styles that work best for you. Shop with a focused list for what you really need. At the end of these 7 days you will be a more confident and stylish You.
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